Shri Brij Rasik Welfare Society

Shri Brij Rasik Welfare Society

is a registered society under Registrar of Societies Act 1860 primarily managed by “humanity serving” thought persons, with the support of local members.

About Us

Shri Brij Rasik Welfare Society is a registered society under Registrar of Societies Act 1860 primarily managed by “humanity serving” thought persons, with the support of local members

It was established in 2008 and Registered in 2012 under the Registrar of Societies Act 1860 with Reg. No. DIC/PTA/SOCIETY/742 of 2012-13. It has been advancing with the objectives of making the youth and society aware of and ensuring socio-economic welfare for underprivileged and weaker sections of the society. Through its programmes of free education, social awareness campaigns and vocational training etc, SBRWS has seen many lives changed for better. We all live in a nation which brims with a diverse and almost unfathomable population of over a billion.


We all lead without a care in the world about the others in this nation who struggle through each moment just to make ends meet for themselves and their families. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be embraced by financial stability and the boon of education, are perhaps not afflicted by the perils that the majority of people in this country have to face. But that does not necessarily imply that we remain wrapped in our blankets of comfort and forget about those who just have mere rags.

For the welfare of needy persons, students and families Shri Brij Rasik Welfare Society (SBRWS) was born. With the guidance and encouragement of kind-hearted personalities have since then set up a network that promotes the growth, education and prosperity of the underprivileged people who reside outside the borders of the educational institution. Setting up schools, free tuitions, workshops and awareness camps and exploring all the possible territories of aiding the underprivileged has now become the vitality of this society.

SBRWS comes to the people to help them weave these disparate threads together to reflect the integrated nature of our national life. We believe India’s achievements have been fuelled by the realization that the progress of the whole country ultimately depends on the progress of its weakest links.

SBRWS wishes the underprivileged sections to be uplifted in a way that will help in their integration with society. The society seeks to fulfill its objectives with the help of its executive body as well as Volunteers. Each member has involved himself in the activities of society. The Executive Body, Volunteers and donors are the pillars of strength of our society. The local support which the society enjoys has seen it prosper and will spread it branches.

Dreams need not be dreams anymore and the promising dynamic youth of this country should take the responsibility of a peaceful, prosperous and a flourishing India on their broad shoulders.

  • Taking part in promoting education for the children belonging to destitute families.
  •  Providing preventive, promotive and curative health care services for the people in general and women and children in specific.
  •  Empowering the rural women through micro-finance and Self Help Group (Cutting & Tailoring).
  • Imparting vocational training for rural youth with a view to making them self – supportive and acquiring skill suited to their needs.
  • To provide support to the vulnerable person materially and emotionally.
  • Building confidence among the target groups to create their own resources and recycle those in sequential manner for sustainability.
  • Eradication of Child Labour
  • Organising of Awareness Camps on Female Foeticides
  • Organising of Awareness Camps on Drug Addiction